SRS Powerpack HYAG 25 D to Network Rail
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Network Rail in England
Delivery date
Mars 2014
Project number

The SRS Powerpack type HYAG 25 D consists of a diesel Engine
with a flange mounted hydraulic gear pump and a belt driven
air compressor with:

- Electrical starter system.
- Return filter ensures for necessary filtration of the hydraulic fluid.
- Pressure relief valve protects the system against over pressure.
- Oil cooler with electrical fan to cool the hydraulic fluid.
- Quick couplings for the hydraulic hoses.
- Sound insulated cover.


- Dimensions: Length 2470mm, Width 980mm, Height 850mm
- Weight: Approx. 950 kg
- Engine: 25 kW Diesel Engine, with electrical starter system.
- AC system 110V 3kW
- Fuel tank volume: 100 litre stainless tank.
- Hydraulic tank volume: 95 litres.
- Hydraulic pressure: 225 bar max.
- Hydraulic oil flow: 120 l/min.
- Electrical system: 24 V. Charging from the diesel engine.
- Air compressor 8 bar 110l/min
- Battery capacity: 60 Ah.


Emergency pump: Battery powered emergency hydraulic pump.

AC Power: AC system 110 V. 3 kW Alt. 220 V. 3,5 kW.


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